Our Team



Rohan Tuli is a first-year Electrical Engineering major at UCSC. In addition to being CEO, he also works on electronics and is responsible for the website and graphic design. This is his fourth year in the MATE competition.


Theo is a first-year student at UCSC studying Information Technology. This is his second time competing in the MATE. He has been working with robotics and engineering group projects for years, and will be the Chief Operating Officer of Slugbotics, as well as being in charge of the electronics design for the control station.


Ryan is a first-year Robotics Engineering student minoring in Politics. He helped start his high school's FIRST robotics team (#5171) and is excited to be a part of Slugbotics. As CFO, his main responsibilities are organizing fundraising efforts, community outreach, and filling out lots of paperwork.


Wren is a 1st year student in UCSC's Robotics Engineering program. As an FRC alumni and a founding member of Team 4904, Wren loves spreading interest for engineering and teaching people new skills ranging from welding to CAD software. As CTO, Wren facilitates overall robot design and coordination between all technical sub-teams.

Team Members

Kanoa Nakama is first-year Robotics Engineering major at UCSC. Having participated in FRC Team #2102 he chooses to continue his passion of CAD and fabrication in participating in the MATE ROV competition. Being the Chief Design Officer, Kanoa is heavily involved in the robot design and sub team coordination.

Catherine is a Computer Science major interested in being involved with all aspects of ROV software. Besides ROV, she is also involved in the rocketry team at UCSC. In her free time, she enjoys learning about machine learning and browsing memes.

Daniel is a first-year at UCSC and veteran of the FIRST Robotics Competition. He is new to underwater robotics but is excited to start learning as part of Slugbotics. He is majoring in robotics engineering and helps with the fabrication and design of the ROV.

Jenika is a first-year Astrophysics student at UCSC. This is her first year participating in MATE. She is interested in the fabrication and design of robots. She is also involved in the UCSC Rocket Team.

Alex is a first-year at UCSC studying Robotics Engineering. He is a member of the design, fabrication, and electronics teams of Slugbotics and wants to be an Aerospace Engineer.

Dylan is a first-year bioengineering major. This is his first year participating in MATE. He is interested in electronics and fabrication of robots and is excited for his first year in MATE.

Joseph is a first-year Computer Science major. He makes bits and bytes move the robot. Besides programming, he loves to volunteer, explore the outdoors, and drink Earl Grey in massive quantity.