Reaching out to our community

At Slugbotics, we aim to bring everyone into the fold of robotics. This means going above and beyond UCSC students participating in our teams, and branching out to introduce others in our community to the awesome potential of robotics.

MATE Regional Competitions

Slugbotics assists MATE teams at the regional level, working with middle and high school teams to deploy and debug their ROVs, as well as scoring the competition. This assistance helps teams learn practices from college-level students on our team, as well as helps prepare them to compete in more advanced competitions, such as at the International level.

Slugbotics’s location in Santa Cruz County helps us assist a wide variety of MATE teams at surrounding schools and competitions, such as Aptos High at the Monterey regional competition.

Hands-On Robotics Activities

Slugbotics also aims to reach out to local grade schools in order to give young students experience with robotics, and encourage them to pursue a career in engineering. Currently, Slugbotics is developing several hands-on robotics activities, which can be used in activities to introduce students to solving puzzles through assembling robots.

Community Events

Slugbotics participates in many maker events in the surrounding community, such as the Bay Area Maker Faire, Baskin Day, and more. Through our participation in events, we represent the UCSC community, and drive engagement with student organizations and our school of engineering.