Our Team

Rohan Tuli

Rohan is a second year Electrical Engineering major. In addition to being founder and President, he also co-leads the electronics sub-team and is responsible for the website and graphic design. He designed the custom ESCs being used in this year's ROV. This is his fifth year in the MATE competition.

Theo Kell

Theo is a second year Technology & Information Management student. He participated in MATE in high school, as well as in Slugbotics year zero. Theo co-leads the electronics team and is in charge of the control box and other topside electronics. He also supervises lab safety, web administration, and a variety of other incongruous things.

Catherine Lee

Catherine is second year Computer Science major. As the software lead, she is responsible for motor control code and other software tasks. During her free time, she enjoys learning the applications in machine learning while listening to "lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to" and then teaching others about it at the machine learning club.

Ryan Meckel

Ryan is a second year Technology & Information Management student and the business and outreach lead. In addition to being a founding member of Slugbotics, he is the Treasurer for UCSC's Sustainability Lab, and was a co-captain of his high school's FRC team (#5171 Deus Ex Machina). This is his second year in the MATE competition and this year he is focusing on building lasting partnerships with businesses and schools in the Santa Cruz community.

Kanoa Nakama

Kanoa is a Second year Electrical Engineering major who joined Slugbotics in year zero as a founding member as well as participated on his FRC team #2102 Paradox in high school. During his second year in MATE Kanoa mainly serves as one of the mechanical co-leads, primarily responsible for the design and CAD of the ROV as well as integrating all of the components into the main chassis.

Wren Sakai

Wren is a second year Robotics Engineering major who currently serves as mechanical co-lead. Wren is responsible for facilitating robot brainstorming, fabrication, and maintenance. In addition to being a founding member of his high school FRC team 4904, Wren was also a founding member of Slugbotics.

Daniel Walton

Daniel is a second year Robotics Engineering major. He was a part of his high school's FRC team for two years before joining Slugbotics in year zero. He is a member of the electrical subteam and a co-leader of the mechanical team.

Steven Appler

Steven is a second year Computer Engineering major. As a fresh MATE competitor, but a seasoned FRC member, he is prepared to blaze trails in the college robotics community. He is a member on the electronics team, but is heavily experienced in software as well.

Anthony Arias

Anthony is a first year proposed Physics major and is a part of the Mechanical and Electronics subteams. Although his focus is on particle physics, he enjoys 3D modeling, coding, and robot building that he learned through his high school engineering class. What an absolute unit.

Surya Auroprem

Surya is a first year Computer Engineering student. He has done FTC and FRC, concentrating on software. He has also done work with Arduino. Surya also enjoys biking, listening to music, coding in Python, and sleeping. Surya is interested in contributing to the Software team.

Matthew Bennett

Matthew is a second year Computer Engineering major focusing in robotics. He participated in his hIgh school's Solar Boat Team. This is his first year participating in the MATE competition. He is looking forward to gaining experience working with a team on a long term engineering project. He enjoys woodworking, reading, and trivia in his free time back home.

Jesse Cirimelli-Low

Jesse is a Computer Engineering major with a focus in digital hardware. Jesse is a member of the software team, and focused on autonomous design during his FRC days. When he is not working on Slugbotics projects, Jesse enjoys helping with the VLSI Design and Automation Lab and practicing bass.

Dylan Cirimelli-Low

Dylan is a 3rd year Computer Engineering major and member of the Software team. This is his second MATE season. Dylan is interested in computer networking and system programming. Outside of the team, Dylan spends his time drinking coffee, rock climbing and making music.

Philip Datte

Phil is a third year Electrical Engineering major. A member of FRC in high school, he is seeking technical experience, development of skill sets in team building, and expertise in a lab environment that can foster growth and interest in STEM related fields. He works under the electrical subdivision in Slugbotics.

Jeremy Diamzon

Jeremy is a third year Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics double major, and a member of the mechanical subteam aiding design and mathematical modelling. Although having no prior experience with a robotics club, he has worked with a team on constructing an ROV during a mechatronics class at Monterey Peninsula College aided by the local MATE organization. Currently studying and interested in pursuing research in high energy particle physics, he enjoys delving into mathematics, binging "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure", as well as perpetually relearning how to play the violin during his free time.

Sophia Faulder

Sophia is a 1st year Robotics Engineering major. She has some robotics experience from high school, especially with 3D printers, laser cutters, and design software, but is excited to take part in the MATE project to gain valuable experience and knowledge. In her free time, she can be found hiking and exploring new places, doing yoga, reading, or spending quality time with friends.

Andrew Gavgavian

Andrew is a first year Computer Science student. While he has not participated in robotic clubs before, he has worked on many engineering projects such as a Solar Boat competition and medieval weaponry design. He is a member of the Electronics subteam. In his free time, Andrew enjoys long walks on the beach, and watching the sunset. Besides that, he loves to hang out with friends, and work on any project that meets his fancy.

Ben Grenier

Ben is a second year Astrophysics major and works on both fabrication and design. He participated in the founding year of Slugbotics, working on projects such as the Inflator. A second year member, Ben has experience with Solidworks, and is currently working on the design and fabrication of the cannon lift.

Dylan Harootunian

Dylan is a second year Robotics Engineering major and works on both design and fabrication for Slugbotics, He took part in the founding year of slugbotics creating parts such as The Inflator. Dylan has experience with Solidworks and other 3D modeling software, and is familiar with the fabrication process. This is his second year competing in MATE and is looking forward to applying what he has learned to design and fabricate superior parts.

Brandon Imstepf

Brandon is a third year transfer Computational Mathematics & Computer Science student. He enjoys doing math, hiking and anything else he gets inspired to do. He is a member of the Electronics and Software subteam.

Kirby Lam

Kirby is a third year Computer Science major. He has no experience with robotics, but hopes to gain experience with it and gain experience on working on a real life application.

Sean Layno

Sean is a second year Computer Engineering Major and a member of the mechanical subteam. He was a member during the founding year of Slugbotics and was part of the design team. Sean has past experience with tools and construction due to being part of his high school Mission Valley ROP construction team. During his free time, he enjoys 3D designs and video games.

Jack Lin

Jack is a first year Electrical Engineering major and is affiliated with Merrill College. He is new to coding, but is eager to learn the skills and knowledge required to write effective code. He has two years of experience being in his high school VEX Robotics team. In his free time, Jack likes to read books (fantasy, sci-fi), play video games, and collect cute plushies.

Nathen Ly

Nathen is a third-year Electrical Engineering student. He is part of the electronics subteam and this is his first year in the MATE competition. He is also part of the ham radio club and enjoys drinking boba and looking at memes to get through school.

Robert Meier

Robert is a second year Robotics Engineering student. He is a part of the mechanical and software teams. Robert is excited to get more hands on experience with robotics and larger scale engineering projects.

David Prager

David is a second year Electrical Engineering Major and a member of the Electronics subteam. He has minimal previous experience with robotics, but is interested in the field and excited to work on the project. He is a powerlifter, hoping to reach a 1,200Ib total by the end of 2019, a fan of MMA, with his favorite fighter being Daniel Cormier, and a massive anime nerd.

Natalie Rutz

Natalie is a first year proposed Biomolecular engineering major. She is a member of the mechanical and electronics subteams. She was not a part of any robotics teams during high school.

Isaac Trimble-Pederson

Isaac is a first year Computer Science student, working to explore the different possibilities within engineering. He was inspired to join Slugbotics after his time on FRC (#4160, The RoBucs), and wants to branch out from software and become more familiar with the electrical and mechanical aspects of the robot.

Ash Whipple

Ash is a first year Robotics Engineering major with prior experience on FRC teams 4048 and 6718. They co-lead team 6718 for two years and focused on building with recycled materials such as old road signs, bunk beds, and bike parts. Ash enjoys backpacking, drawing, and D&D.

Darcy Woo

Darcy is a second year Computer Science major and a part of the software subteam for Slugbotics. She has no previous experience with anything having to do with robotics but is more than willing to learn and contribute as much as possible. In her free time she enjoys drawing, listening to music, and playing games.

Kyle Worcester-Moore

Kyle is a first-year Computer Game Design Major. He has robotics experience from his High School FIRST team and from helping to teach a simple ROV and oceanographic themed Summer Camp. Although he is new to the MATE competition, he is excited to learn and help design and program this year's ROV.

Christian Cortes

Christian is a transfer student majoring in computer engineering and minoring in computer science. He has participated in hack-a-thons, the IEEE hack-a-bot competition, and is part of the software team. During his free time, he loves learning about automation and robotics while playing the office in the background.

Jake Hwang

Jake is a second year Computer Science major. He was in FRC (#2473) as Mechanical Lead and Project Manager in years 2016 and 2017, respectively. He strives to always discover new passions and past-times. Currently, he participates in the mechanical and software teams in Slugbotics. His responsibilities include designing portions of the ROV and staring at Kanoa during downtime.

Shimon Islam

Shimon is a second year Computer Science Major and a member of the Mechanical and Business team for Slugbotics. He enjoys the teamwork necessary in order to build a robot, and is looking forward to brainstorming ideas with his peers. He enjoys listening to music, lifting, and sleep. He also enjoys playing Smash Bros., and the game too.

Garrett Leising

Garrett is a first year Computer Science major. Although new to MATE, he is ready to bring his skills and contribute to a long term engineering project. Garrett has programming knowledge from hackathons and personal projects, but aims to gain more experience writing code with the software subteam.

Leslie Lorenzo

Leslie is a second year Technology & Information Management major. She was a scouting captain for two years for FRC Team #971 Spartan Robotics. She has experience with ROVs Hercules and Argus, from her internship with the Ocean Exploration Trust. Leslie is a part of the mechanical subteam in Slugbotics and this is her first year in the MATE competition.

Jevin Olano

Jevin is a first year Computer Science student. He participated in his high school's robotics club, and was the vice president of the club during his senior year. Along with his peers, he won the 2017 annual C-STEM robotics competition at UC Davis. He is currently part of the Business/Outreach team. Jevin enjoys coding, meeting new people, and making terrible jokes.