About Slugbotics

Slugbotics is a student organization at UC Santa Cruz focused on introducing students to underwater robotics. We design, program, fabricate, and test ROVs (Remote Operated Vehicles) that are designed to complete complex tasks in a marine environment. Our primary project is completing an ROV to compete in the annual MATE (Marine Advanced Technology Education) competition. Slugbotics will be working closely with local businesses to obtain funding for this year's competition and to ensure the longevity of our team so we can continue to educate students about underwater robotics for years to come.

About MATE

The MATE Center is a nonprofit organization focused on improving education in marine technology. For over 20 years, MATE has been designated a National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education Center of Excellence (NSFATECE). MATE hosts an annual ROV competition where students from around the world design and build underwater ROVs to complete missions designed to simulate real-world tasks. There is more information on the MATE website here.

About the 2018 Competition

The 2018 MATE ROV competition will take place in Seattle, and the competition is themed around around the work that professional ROVs perform in the local area, such as the recovery of airplane wreckage from the bottom of Lake Washington, installing tidal turbine equipment, and gathering seismic earthquake activity using an ocean bottom sensor. Our ROV will be required to perform tasks that simulate these different during the competition. We'll be competing against university teams from all over the world, taking the roles of entrepreneurs and present our ROV designs as if we were competing for a contract. In addition to demonstrating the ROV's capabilities in the pool, we will also create a variety of documentation and marketing materials, and present our product to a panel of judges.